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[25 Nov 2011|12:38am]

I am sad to say that our pet tad pole looks as though he might be on his way out : (
I found him at work over a year ago, he had hitched a ride with a bag of tropical fish. So there is no telling where he came from, or what species he happens to be. But he has been with us for a long time now (In tad pole time) and strangely, he never turned into a froggy. About four days ago he all of a sudden got realllllllly fat, and now he is super thin. He was eating normally and seemed fine.

Its still been raining and storming pretty hard all week. Getting to work is a challenge. My umbrella is totally broken from the wind.

Been working on a bunch of new projects, but they are all taking time.

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[22 Nov 2011|10:35am]

Ohh fuck - - - its been way too long that i have written here.

Racing to get ready for work is not the best time to be writing. hehee, but yes. Horrible rain and wind storms. Getting to work is a challenge. Having way too much stress still, i am sick of this shit. It all comes down to money. And i hate that. Its not like i want all the money in the world, i just want to be able to at least sustain myself, and my home with as little stress as possible.

Hopefully today can be a nice day, i just want to come home though. I just want to be at home. I want to work on my projects and my house and animals. I have way too much going on all the time, i feel like everything gets not enough attention ...spread too thin.

Better go now.

Stay dry!

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[23 Jul 2011|12:36pm]

I am not sure why i have not been writing.

Sometimes i i just feel like i don't have the energy it takes to think about all the things that have gone on. But i know that my brain wants me to write, i know that its as good as cleaning up a dirty closet so to speak. Still writing in my physical journal from time to time. But i should here too.


We have had the house to ourselves for about a month and a half now. (No more room mate that is) ITS BEEN AMAZING ^_^

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have the house be just ours again. I love having my work space be just mine, no one to bug me.

I really do need a lot of time alone. Luckily Jesse understands, and needs his alone time as well. I am thankful for that.

I have been missing my cat so much this last month, sometimes it makes me cry. He's my little boy...and i have missed out on too much

of his life. Right now i am working things out to try and finally bring him home. He is NOT doing well at my mother's house anymore.

He has been chewing/licking this spot on his back ...so now he has to wear a cone. (pink of course hehhe)

I am still working at the tropical fish store. They made me employee of the quarter and gave me a $200 bonus. I really like working there, its still work though. I would rather be at home making shit, but i kinda feel like being "forced" to be around people is a good thing for me. Otherwise i would just be a bearded mountain man that only came to town once a month or something.

Jesse is still working at Fred Myer's on Hawthorne. Still working very hard on his show and his animations. <3

I will try to keep writing.... . . .

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Beltane/May day [01 May 2011|03:01pm]


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


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[10 Feb 2011|11:42am]
I am fucking PISSED

I thought my new doll arrived this morning...
...and then i opened the box...it was the WRONG DOLL plus her fucking HEAD IS BROKEN OFF.
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[07 Feb 2011|09:21am]

I have not written in this journal for a long time.
I can't help it. Sometimes i need to take a break from myself.

But also, i have been writing in a real physical journal every day.
It is so addicting and takes away so much stress. <3

SO -
- Today, i start my new job.

Today is training. I am sort of nervous, and sort of relaxed at the same time.
I just hope that i can handle being around people again. Its been almost
two years? that i have worked with customers. My last job was just hours on
end of caring and playing with pythons...a fish shop is quite different.

And i have to mention,...the reason i decided to go for this job. Is that its still
working with animals. But not with snakes. I have to admit that when your
passion becomes your job.....well...you know how things go.

I am sure that i will return to the reptile industry in the near future, but i feel
as though i wanted a break from it. And working for a breeder was harsh.
I learned a lot. And a lot of it was breaking my heart. But i won't go into that.

On a side note, i cut my hair.
Its short. Its weird. I don't know what i think about it.
Its just different, and i am happy for that. CHANGE is so good. And change
was needed for sure. I really feel like spring came early this year.

I have purchased my third and final dolly.
She is not a blythe clone, but she is another type of a "clone" or "fake".
Its a rip off of a mix between two dolls called "DAL" and "PULLIP".
Here she is:

She should be here in about a week.

I love the look of her though, SHE LOOKS LIKE A PISSED OFF BLYTHE ! haha!! 

I better go take a shower and get ready to go.
Wish me luck today! <3

I will try to update more often

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[18 Nov 2010|04:29pm]

Some of you might remember a while back i wrote about my friend Tod dieing..
And that we had been in a fight that never got resolved...
Well, it turns out that Tod was making a doll for me as an "I'm sorry" gift...
...they found it in his apartment..and a mutual friend is bringing this doll to me in a few days.

Its like a dream come true.
Its like he knew somehow. Because he was working on gifts like this for all his close friends.
I guess that the doll is half finished, so when i get it...i will put it together as best as i can.

It is so unreal.
Its like ...my friend came back from the dead to tell me...that were okay.
Its so special, i hardly know how to think about it.
I will post a photograph of the doll when i get it.
Its so unreal.
I love you Tod.
I'm so sorry

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[17 Nov 2010|07:38pm]

I recently adopted these two beautiful boys <3

I can't wait! They should be in my mail box any day now.

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[12 Nov 2010|06:29pm]

I was just thinking, that its pretty neat that i still use this journal.
Even though i don't use it anywhere as much as i used to. Its still the same one from many many many years ago.
I think that i was 15 when i made this? I don't even remember honestly, its been a loooonnnggg time. There is hardly anyone left
from way back when. Though there are at least three that still use LJ - - - i am happy about that :)

Things have been rough lately...
But then again, when is it not ? 

I have not been doing very well from the time Merell died. 
This has been the fall of death.

There have been eight deaths within a one month period.
Deaths of family, friends, and beloved pets.

Jesse started his new job a few days ago.
I cant find a way to get to work


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[02 Nov 2010|01:15am]

tea arrived this morning
i worked on her all day

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[28 Oct 2010|06:09pm]

My mother gave me this dolly yesterday as a special gift.
This doll is really large and also very very old. (Still trying to research what year she was made)

I have named her "darlah" after a manakin head i owned years ago that got stolen.

This doll is

I love her ^_^
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[22 Oct 2010|08:16pm]

This morning Jesse woke me with the words...
..."Sarah..Tod's dead" .

My friend Tod was found dead in his apartment here in Portland
this morning. We got into a bad fight about a month ago...and he left this world
without us ever resolving it.

He  used all his money to pay for a place to live
instead of getting insulin. He died from diabetes.

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[21 Oct 2010|04:49pm]

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[20 Oct 2010|03:47am]
Relaxing night.

- I am glad for it too, because stress has been on the high the last few weeks.
But it is only due to all the changes. We are welcoming change of course.
But it still does not mean that we might not suffer a bit with that.

I have finished several new paintings that i don't give a fuck about.
haha! No really...i usually hate everything i make directly after finishing it.
Unless its you know...the one master piece, and then i usually feel okay. Though
my problem with sinking into the details really comes back to bite me often.

I am drinking a tea that is a mixture of chamomile and vanilla.
It does not s o u n d like it would be very good..but its very nice.
Very good before bed or stretch.

So i recently ordered my second Blythe clone doll. Only this time i decided to
get a more rare version - a variety that is being marketed as a coin bank. D:

Basically it is the "basaak" head stuck onto some shitty plastic doll body that
has been turned into a coin bank. - I am pretty sure that the company that makes
these is doing it purely to sell these "doll banks" to people who actually only
want the doll for its head! hehee. Just another way to sell these fake blythe clone dolls.

Hehee, and i am stoked about it >:D

I chose one that was just recently put out on the market.
A new version, with higher quality hair, and a bit of a different face shape.

For now, once she gets here...i am going to put her head on Apple's original cce body.
I will keep her on that one until i am able to afford her a proper body.

Her name shall be "Tea" <3

Yeah, kind of kooky huh?
But these only cost ten dollars when you buy them this way.

This will be a fun project to look forward to.

And now Apple does not have to be alone XD

Must go to work tomorrow. I hope that it can be a smooth day.
Could really use a break from anxiety and stress :(

Art is good, health getting better, trying to enjoy all the good things i can.

Maribel <3
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[18 Oct 2010|06:18am]
Dandelion Wine

Dandelion wine does not require any special equipment to make. Just dandelions, some sugar and yeast, oranges and lemons, and pots to boil water in. This recipe uses cloves, which I think give it a nice touch. If you have dandelions around, give it a try!

* 1 package dried yeast
* 1/4 cup warm water
* 2 quarts dandelion blossoms
* 4 quarts water
* 1 cup orange juice
* 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
* 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
* 8 whole cloves
* 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger
* 3 tablespoons coarsely chopped orange peel
* 1 tablespoon coarsely chopped lemon peel
* 6 cups sugar

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water. Set aside.

Wash the dandelion blossoms well. Put them in the water with the orange, lemon and lime juices. Add the cloves, ginger, orange and lemon peel, and sugar. Bring to a boil and continue to boil for an hour. Strain through filter paper (coffee filters work great). Cool. While still warm (but not hot), stir in the yeast.

Let stand overnight and pour into bottles. Allow uncorked bottles to set in a darkened place for three weeks. Then cork and store bottles in a cool place. Makes about 4 quarts.
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[08 Oct 2010|03:00am]
Snake is a totem of Divine Feminine power, sexuality and vitality, transformation and transmutation, new opportunity and transition, creativity and intuition, wholeness and healing, rebirth and immortality.

Snake magic is heavy magic, and not for the weak minded. Snake medicine witches are those whose experiences involve contact with poisons (physical, emotional and spiritual) and the transmutation and transformation of those poisons into something extraordinarily beautiful. As Snake swallows its food whole, so too do Snake witches take in Wisdom and Understanding with wholeness to create perfect Knowledge. <3

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[07 Oct 2010|06:29pm]
About to take off to freak land circus.
I am the popcorn vendor hehe!

Hopefully the money earned will pay for belly dance / yoga class.
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[02 Oct 2010|06:34pm]

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[29 Sep 2010|10:50pm]

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[25 Sep 2010|12:50pm]
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